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TaxpayerScotland - Scotland's independent campaign for lower taxes

Our view of the world is based on an observation. Big Government doesn't work.

In Scotland:

We have a huge number of people needing social support. Scotland's pensioners struggle on what the state provides.

Health outcomes are poor, despite hugely increased spending on our tax-funded Health Service.

In Education, Scotland's traditional high standards have slipped, the unemployed young are, some say, unemployable.

While these results have emerged over the last 60 years, all we hear from politicians is that they need more money. The reality is that they have - vast quantities of it. They have gradually taken more and more of our money - now near enough half of all our income.

Our view is that Big Government is robbing the people. None of us voted specifically that they should take this amount of our effort for their purposes. The results of the politician's efforts are observed to be poor.

We are here to fight for the right of taxpayers to keep their own income, to question the amount the state is spending and how it spends it. We are here to demand lower taxes, to limits to government; allowing us choices in the provision of social comforts, health and education.

This is a great Scottish tradition, limited government was invented here.

We're angry about Big Government, and we're taking action:

Less Spending, Lower Tax, Higher Growth, More Jobs.

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'Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everybody else.'
Frederic Bastiat