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TaxpayerScotland - Scotland's independent campaign for lower taxes

TaxpayerScotland is an advocacy group bringing a voice for the Scots taxpayer to Holyrood and the British parliament - campaigning for a limited government and lower taxation.

We operate through a small team based in Edinburgh concentrating on Scottish and UK public policy that affects Scots taxpayers. In addition, we are building a cohort of local activists who campaign against waste and unnecessary spending in their local communities.

TaxpayerScotland emerged out of the UK's London based Taxpayers' Alliance organisation, but over the past five years we have developed our own approach to public advocacy in Scotland. We are a completely autonomous team with our own editorial and research programme and bringing our ideas to Scotland as an independent group. We therefore always make our case from a Scottish perspective, on behalf of Scots, for the success of the Scots people.

Staff and funding

Our core team consists of a Director, Campaign Manager and Research Co-ordinator. We also have other researchers and colleagues with whom we work on papers and consultations. We operate with an Advisory Council consisting of a mixture of economists, commentators, individuals with an interest in public policy ideas and small entrepreneurial business owners. Our Director also has access to an Academic Advisory Group who help and support us in the planning of our research and publications programme.

We are supported entirely by private donation. Our donors range from single individuals offering us a few pounds, through kindly wealthy donors who want us to help Scotland improve, to entrepreneurial professionals and small company owner-managers who believe that Scotland's tax regime and high spending is destructive to economic success.

In the interests of transparency, here is a short list of the last five donations in our last financial year: (With thanks to the donors)

Care home owner (personal payment)   
IT web services professional
Academic economist
Retired lady (Helensburgh)
£ 50
Property agent (Edinburgh)

We have considered moving to the Canadian model of funding which involves multiple small subscriptions from many ordinary taxpayers. As yet, we can find no way of affording the costs of collection that this entails.

We have no one group of donors which outweighs any other, our average donation is less than £500. We take no donations from any large corporates, and we do not accept any money that requires us to make any specific argument - our advocacy is independently generated by our team and our Advisory Council. We do not take, and never will take, any public money for what we do.

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'Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everybody else.'
Frederic Bastiat