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TaxpayerScotland - Scotland's independent campaign for lower taxes

TaxpayerScotland engages in the public policy debate as an advocacy group.

We are not aligned with any political party. We are highly cautious about the incentives that face politicians when special interests ask them to take political action using our money. It's too easy to spend other people's money on other people.

We represent the general interest of the individual taxpayer. Our work consists of:

Advocacy. Wworking to put the interests of taxpayers into the policy arena.

Education. We reject the accepted consensus in Scotland is that the state has a big role in the success of our nation.

Information. We are particularly keen to make the actions of Holyrood and the British state more transparent.

Outreach. Over time, we are building a community of like minds through our supporter base.

Undoing. We have no hesitation in saying that we want to roll back the state, to give people their money back, and let them make their own life choices.

For a longer explanation of each of these elements of our work click here


'Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everybody else.'
Frederic Bastiat